Measuring the Sun's Altitude Using the SunShIP Data Sheet
As the directions on the Data Sheets indicate, the method for measuring the Sun's altitude calls for you to make a triangle using a shadow stick and then measure the angle that represents the Sun's altitude above the horizon.
Drawing the Triangle-part 1
  • Place the data sheet on a flat surface and then hold the stick or pencil upright on the spot indicated on the Data Sheet.

  • Turn the paper under the pencil or stick so that the shadow is parallel with the line on the Data Sheet.
    Note: You may want to fasten the paper using tape if the wind is blowing.

  • Use a pencil or marker and trace along the length of the shadow.
  • Drawing the Triangle-part 2
  • Next, lay the stick or pencil down so that it is parallel with the bottom line on the Data Sheet.
  •   Drawing the Triangle - part 3
  • Trace a line along the length of the pencil.
  • To complete the triangle draw a straight line that will connect the end of the pencil line to the end of the shadow line.
  • Measuring the Sun's Altitude Angle
  • Place a protractor as shown and measure the angle. This angle is the altitude the Sun is above the horizon.
  • Record this information.

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