Observing How Shadows Change As the Earth Rotates
Primary grade students can also be involved with the project by observing how a shadow's length changes throughout the day.
From following the shadows throughout the day students notice how a shadow length decreases toward mid-day and then increases in length after mid-day, into the afternoon hours.
Students also notice how the direction the shadow points toward is always opposite from the sun.
Tracing Where to Stand
  • First thing to do is have the students organized into teams where one member stands and has their shadow traced on the ground.
  • A good idea is to trace the feet so that the student will stand in the same place for making the next observation.
  • Shadows After one Hour
  • After an hour return outside and have the shadow student stand in their foot outline.
  • Have students trace this shadow on the ground.
  • Repeat this procedure throughout the day, hourly, so that students can observe a more or less complete pattern of shadows. In particular have students notice the shorter length at mid-day.
  • The mid-day shadow could be photographed and sent to the project.

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